MVP Construction Services

MVP Construction Services

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When working with Buyers or Sellers there is always a need for home improvements whether it be in preparation to Sell or Seller repairs after a home inspection for the Buyers.

MVP Construction Services was started for filling the gap since working together in conjunction with Metana our real estate company, things can move along smoothly without the need to depend on some outside company to make the repairs and hold up all parties to the transaction.

Victor is a Veteran and has over 20yrs experience in construction and is co-partner with me in this venture.

Consult with us if you are selling and we will make recommendations on repairs that will maximize your return on the sale, and we will even carry the cost of the repairs until your home is sold by our real estate company.

If you are buying, we will estimate the repairs on the home you have made an offer on and you will be able to submit to the Seller the repairs requested before the final purchase of your new home.

MVP specializes in multiple repairs and projects such as home improvements, drainage issues, sprinkler systems, excavation, concrete driveways, and sidewalks, fencing, siding and windows just to name a few. Call us with your requests and we will come up with a solution.